Acute Care

Acute care usually refers to the care provided to those that are suffering from restricted body movement, body aches, pains, and injuries.
Tissue injury causes restriction of motion due to inflammation and swelling, pain, and muscle spasm. Chiropractic provides safe and effective management of pain and inflammation, restores proper joint biomechanics and promotes proper healing of soft tissues.


– Walking distance to BART, CalTrain, and SamTrans
– Close to highways 280 and 101
– Private parking lot


– Provides safe & effective management of pain & inflammation
– Restores proper joint biomechanics & kinesthetics
– Promotes proper healing of connective tissue


– Maintain optimal joint motion
– Preserve proper muscular flexibility, strength, endurance, & balance
– Minimize the likelihood of injury or re-injury
– Avoid accelerated degeneration