Preventative/Maintenance Care

The Preventative/Maintenance care is an important part of everyone's life. It helps people avoid suffering from restricted body movement, body aches, pins, and injuries through regular checkups, adjustments, and proper posture in movements or exercises.

Aside from Acute Care, Chiropractors could also identify restricted joints whether they are painful or not.  Joints can have disturbed biomechanics without pain or other symptoms.  Disturbed biomechanics can reduce optimal performance, alter load distribution, and increase risk of injury and acceleration degeneration.  Loss of motion can occur with or without symptoms.  Many problems arise gradually and symptoms appear only when problems are advanced.  Maintaining good motion is critical to the survival of discs and joints.  A joint that can't move can't nourish itself.

Regular checkups, adjustments, and proper posture in movements or exercises:

The discs in the spine Iive because of movement.  Chiropractors find joints that are restricted, whether they are painful or not, and by adjustments and exercise, help restore and maintain normal motion and nutrition.

Regular chiropractic care helps restore and maintain full range of motion, promote full function, improve biomechanics, optimize performance and coordination, maintain joint stability, improve nutrition to discs and joints, and reduce the risk of injury and degeneration.
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